Don’t Choose, Create your own Jewellery!

Zinios Technologies Oct 06, 2017 General 0

Building online stores always excites us, be it on Magento, Hybris, Shopify or BigCommerce. We built a diamond jewellery e-commerce store for a China-based customer with the help of Magento Community Edition. Zinios managed the entire Software Development Life Cycle including server management and documentation. One of the interesting features we built for the store […]

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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality – Which is the future?

Zinios Technologies Sep 29, 2017 General 0

Gartner states that Augmented reality (AR) is “the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio and other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects. It is this “real world” element that differentiates AR from Virtual Reality (VR). AR integrates and adds value to a users’ interaction with the real world, versus a […]

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Quality Assurance (QA) for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Prathiba S Sep 27, 2017 General 0

The internet of things (IoT) is being touted as the next big development in a connected world. Millions of devices, appliances, machines, sensors and objects that can represent themselves digitally, talking to each other on a cloud platform across the globe, will soon be a common sight. It provides opportunities to integrate, understand and analyse […]

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Beacons – Revolutionizing Brand Interactions

Prathiba S Sep 26, 2017 General 0

Beacon technology have come a long way since it was introduced. Beacons have had a predominant role to play from time immemorial where they were used in lighthouses. Typically how beacons work have remained the same but they have found a gamut of uses in a range of sectors. Put in a nutshell, the use […]

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How do you evaluate your technology stack? (Part 2)

How do you evaluate your technology stack?
Zinios Technologies Sep 25, 2017 General 0

This is the final blog of the series on how to evaluate your technology stack. You can catch up on the first part here. Evaluating your technology stack consists of 2 critical things: Determining the kind of Technology stack, you need Evaluate your existing technology stack. Here are some of things that help you evaluate […]

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How do you evaluate your technology stack? (Part – 1)

How do you evaluate your technology stack
Zinios Technologies Sep 19, 2017 General 0

As an entrepreneur or an organization, the most critical aspect of your product is to provide your customers with the product or services they need, quickly, efficiently, and affordably. It is also imperative that you are flexible to make changes in the product based on customer feedback. For this, you will need a technology stack […]

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