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The Zinios world is a mix of people from diverse backgrounds, taking pride in who they are and what they bring to the table and how they are creating change in the lives of our customers, one customer at a time.

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  • We're exciting people to work with.
  • We're thinking of how to solve some complex technological challenges all the time. It's stimulating to say the least.
  • We're ambitious and have a goal and a plan to achieve that goal.
  • We're also sensitive and grounded and welcome ideas from any quarter.
  • We're willing to go the extra mile for our people - our employees or our customers and partners.

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Cloud Engineer

We are looking for Cloud Engineers who will add value by working in synergy with a high-performing team that delivers large scale cloud solutions. We at Zinios believe action speaks louder than words and looking for onboarding talented leaders who would help us ride the wave of transformation.


PLD/UI Developer

UI developers and Presentation Layer Developers play a critical role in carrying forward a memorable user experience across various data touch points of an application. Today we have a lot of loose coupling between the front end code and the business logic.


Hybris SSE

SAP Hybris being a top notch e-commerce platform is here to transform the digital landscape. We have been one of the early implementers of this technology and have been part of host of development activities across projects. We have developed and maintained numerous SAP hybris based e stores.


Java Developer

Developers have a key role to play during entire product development lifecycle. At Zinios we follow the agile software development methodology where we believe in having constant client interactions in order to cater to even last minute change requests.



We are a product development company alongside being end-to-end ecommerce and cloud solution provider. Technical architects have a very critical role to play in the execution of projects irrespective of the platform. Technical Architects ideally form the backbone of any project.


Magento Developer

Commerce is our forte and we help develop and deploy omnichannel eCommerce stores. With numerous implementations we are a go-to-option for Magento based solutions. We have provided solutions for leading lifestyle brands, gifting stores, pharmaceutical stores, etc globally.


Content Writer

Be it a neatly done web page or well refined web app, what good it is when it is not possible to tweak the right emotions. Here is where content writers come into play by weaving words in a way that strikes a chord with the target audience.

Zinios Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.
1st and 2nd Floor, #1 Primpark, Primrose Road, off M.G. Road Richmond Town
Bangalore - 560001
+91 96 6337 2351 +91 80 5003 7238

Zinios Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.

1st and 2nd Floor, #1 Primpark, Primrose Road,
off M.G. Road Richmond Town, Bangalore - 560025
+91 80 5003 7238

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