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Building online stores always excites us, be it on Magento, Hybris, Shopify or BigCommerce. We built a diamond jewellery e-commerce store for a China-based customer with the help of Magento Community Edition. Zinios managed the entire Software Development Life Cycle including server management and documentation.

One of the interesting features we built for the store was the ‘Create your own Jewellery’ module. The sub modules included ‘Create your Ring’, ‘Create your Ear ring’ and ‘Create your Pendant’. This was a custom module built on top of a Magento extension.

This feature gave users the ability to design & customize their own diamond ring, pendant and ear ring based on inventory available on the portal. The entire process could be completed in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Choose the type of Jewellery
User can choose between rings, pendants or earrings

Step 2 – Pick a Diamond
Select the perfect diamond from over 15,000 types of certified diamonds sorted by shape, color, cut, clarity and carat weight

Step 3 – Select a Mount
Select the mounting or setting from the collection

Step 4 – Select Size
Once the mounting is selected, all the user is required to do is to select the required ring size and complete the purchase.

Don’t Choose, Create your own Jewellery!

The concept looked simple, but had a meticulously planned functionality at the backend for it to work seamlessly. The algorithm had to work perfectly with respect to displaying the available diamonds in stock, the mount setting that could be applied to the diamond selected and finally, displaying a preview image of how the finished product would look. All these calculations take place in real-time.

To develop this module such that it worked perfectly and quickly without causing delays was crucial to its success.

Interested in creating a custom eCommerce store or a custom extension with a similar functionality? Reach out to us here.

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