How do you evaluate your technology stack
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As an entrepreneur or an organization, the most critical aspect of your product is to provide your customers with the product or services they need, quickly, efficiently, and affordably. It is also imperative that you are flexible to make changes in the product based on customer feedback. For this, you will need a technology stack that works with you and helps you in achieving these objectives.

Let’s first understand what a technology stack is – every tech product typically has front-end (client side) and back-end (server side) components. A technology stack is the combination of all software platforms and programs from both these sides that is used to create web or mobile applications.

As described in Silicon Valley Software Group ( “Each layer of the application builds on the features of the one below it, creating a stack. This diagram shows the major building blocks of a typical tech stack, but there can be other supporting components included.” They describe this further in the following image:

How do you evaluate your technology stack

There are multiple approaches you can take while creating a technology stack, such as:

  • Decide one for yourself: This might be a challenge and tedious if you are not familiar with the available options as it requires you to put in all the research to arrive at the perfect stack.
  • Reach out to the developer: The down side of this is that the developer may evaluate the technologies based on what he or she is familiar with. This means the focus would probably be on a convenient technology stack as opposed to what is optimal for the product or service.
  • Hire a consultant: While there are multiple options to choose from, it is critical to identify partners such as Zinios to help. Whether you are experts in the field of technology and only need consultation or a novice and need all the help you can get, Zinios can help handhold you through the entire process of evaluation, auditing and implementation.   

How do you evaluate your technology stack

This said, to be able to evaluate your technology stack appropriately, there are a few considerations we need to factor in:

  • What is the vision of your organization?
  • How do you intend to grow?
  • What is the scale envisioned in future?

Check out this space for the part two of this blog in which we cover some of the important aspects to keep a watch for when you evaluate your tech stack.

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