How do you evaluate your technology stack?
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This is the final blog of the series on how to evaluate your technology stack. You can catch up on the first part here.

Evaluating your technology stack consists of 2 critical things:

  1. Determining the kind of Technology stack, you need
  2. Evaluate your existing technology stack.

How do you evaluate your technology stack?

Here are some of things that help you evaluate your stack:

  • Web or Mobile Decision:  Are you looking to create a web product or a mobile one? Alternately, are you doing both in a particular order? This will majorly determine the effectiveness of your technology stack. If you are looking for both options investing in just one solution now would not be very effective in terms of the cost incurred later when you already have a plan.
  • Community engagement: How engaged is the community with different pieces of your technology stack? The more the community is involved, the better the chances that the stack is of repute. Additionally, if there are industry influencers in favour of the technology, the better the chances of it working for you.
  • Complexity:  As much as we might want to use latest/cutting edge/newest technologies, finding the right kind of talent that work with that stack could be complicated. Therefore, try and look for a technology stack that is optimal for your use, but at the same time not complex enough that hiring for that technology or training for it is very difficult.
  • Compatibility:  Technology is ever evolving. So, you need a technology stack that will back date with your existing technology and work for you when it comes to future technologies that you may potentially move to. Therefore, while evaluating the stack, how compatible it is would be an important indicator.
  • Flexibility:  How difficult is it to add new pieces to your stack? If it needs to be changed because of inefficiency or lack of resources or any reason, is it easy to change? Or just to add another piece to increase the efficiency of the stack is also something that will determine how usable your technology stack is in the long run.
  • Scalability: No organization is stagnant over a period of time. Therefore, the ideal technology stack must be scalable. If you get additional customers, can this stack scale to the increase in demands while remaining productive?
  • Study the tools available: Researching the tools available in the market helps a great deal. It is easier to find a stack that exists in the market and works for you, rather than to build something from scratch; which is not only time consuming but often also inefficient.
  • Proprietary vs. Open Source: Though most of the world is moving towards Open Source, it may be that your products and services need proprietary content. Or as an organizational philosophy, you go one way or the other.  Therefore, as the saying goes “one size doesn’t fit all”, so your evaluation will be based on your need.
  • Cost: At the end of the day, organizations are about profitability. Therefore, the return on investment from the technology stack is an important consideration while making the selection of the stack that suits your organization.

This said, determining a technology stack is a planned process. There are important decisions to be made and these decisions include which path your organization is going to take, how you want to handle the UI and UX, do you want your organization to go the DevOps way, how you want to structure your QA and so on. This takes three distinct sets of operations to complete:

Evaluate: Evaluate all the options available. While evaluating the options available, there are many things that need to be taken into account as mentioned earlier such as decision on mobile and/or web, community engagement, complexity, cost, and so on.

How do you evaluate your technology stack?

Audit: Once the evaluation of the technology stack is complete, the next step is to audit the different technologies to see how they work in your environment. How flexible is it, is it scalable, all of these and more need to be assessed to ensure that this stack works for you.

How do you evaluate your technology stack?

Implement: The final step is the implementation of the technology stack in your environment. This is vital as it’ll determine how your organization adapts and functions with the technology stack. This would require care and expertise.

How do you evaluate your technology stack?

At each of these steps, Zinios can help with the right set of experts. Whether you are experts in the field of technology and only need consultation or a novice and need all the help you can get, Zinios can help handhold you through the entire process of evaluation, auditing and implementation.

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