What We Do
Outsourced Product Development
We help young or established companies architect MVPs that could be potential game-changers
DevOps &
We push the boundaries of innovation and get faster deliveries through cloud-based DevOps
Integrated Marketing Technology
We build and manage your online assets such as websites and portals for data-driven revenue realization and customer engagement
System Integration
We help implement comprehensive technology suites improving functionality and reducing operational costs.
Shared Services
We help maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure keeping it in readiness for all your needs
Expertise On Demand
We have the best techies who can help minimize your resource management cost and deliver skills on tap
React Native
Microsoft .Net
SAP Hybris
Node JS
React Native
A framework that helps you build rich mobile UI and mobile apps using only Java Script
Easy and quick development and deployment of .Net based applications as part of the MS ecosystem
SAP Hybris
Multi-channel e-commerce and product management software for enterprises
Flexible, easy-to-use e-commerce platform for greater control over UI and functionality
Quick-to-develop framework for application development and for dynamic HTML web views
Current version of HTML with support for the latest multimedia and is used for cross-platform mobile applications and complex web applications
Works well with AWS and ideal for building horizontally scalable applications
Fast emerging platform of choice for agile development of software
Case studies
We have helped leading businesses build transformational solutions and attain first-mover advantage.
To create a trusted and curated marketplace comprising dealers and suppliers of Heavy Equipment parts across the United States.
Designed and developed an online diabetes management and clinic digitization application for Seattle-based wellzio.
Built a real-estate platform to provide global marketing and networking services that empower real estate professionals to market themselves and their listings worldwide, in 19 languages and 55 currencies.
Built a comprehensive solution that provides insights on stock market, indices and individual stocks to analysts and investors.
Norton Supply thrives on business continuity thanks to 24/7 Cloud infrastructure monitoring by Zinios.
Built an industrial automation app to teach robots and monitor performance in production and control. Transformed the User Experience for the end-user in just 4 weeks
Built a mobile application to connect various stakeholders of the fragmented retail market ecosystem and help Retailers get a single view of customers, inventory, distribution & billing.
Gromor Capital/Finance is a financial solution provider to the hitherto inaccessible, unbanked and unassisted vast enterprising entrepreneurs of India, that beyond the spotlight of big businesses keeps the wheels of the economy running. We worked very closely with Gromor Capital/Finance to launch their services across web, mobile and other traditional platforms.
Built a travel, investment and retirement community to engage the users with insights on relevant topics. This wordpress forum helps users' stay updated on events near them and be involved in relevant discussions.
Our Partners
Zinios Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.
4th Floor, Gopala Krishna Complex
#45/3 Residency road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560025
+91 80 5003 7238

Zinios Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.

4th Floor, Gopala Krishna Complex
#45/3 Residency road
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560025
+91 80 5003 7238

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