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At Zinios, we constantly focus on coming up with innovative solutions based on the latest technologies. We are currently building a Virtual Reality (VR) – based platform. Among other sectors and use cases, we believe that this platform can benefit the real-estate sector hugely. Through this blog, we would like to take you through the features and benefits of this platform for all stakeholders in the realty space.

Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining a lot of prominence in the real estate space. Prospects or potential buyers can take virtual, 360-degree tours of properties from the comfort of their homes. Physical visits with the agents is gradually becoming a passe with the advent of VR. 

With VR, you can experience the property and all its facets at a fraction of the original cost. People who intend to sell or rent property can also stitch together an immersive VR experience of the property which provides opportunities for endless customization.

All this can be done even before the property is actually built. This can serve as valuable insights for builders and architects alike to understand customer preferences and work on those aspects. Thus, saving a lot of time and getting the design aspects “right the first time” and avoiding rework. This helps in amplifying sales by developing tailor-made solutions. We also get to modify lighting, placement of furniture and type of fixtures and the ambience by presenting an array of options. This is achieved by cataloging and showcasing real estate property by integrating with e-commerce platforms.

Picture1Hotspots for Navigation

Built on a gaming engine, the platform mimics a role-playing game and VR technology adds to the experience. For instance, if you are in the hall, you can pan to the ceiling, floor and all the nooks and corners of the hall. The gyroscope and sensors on your VR-enabled device captures the movement of your head to provide you with a stunning realistic, 360-degree visual experience. Voice assistance integrated on the platform enhances the user experience.  You can tour or have a walkthrough of the house or commercial space in totality by focusing on the hotspots.

This platform enables you to assess multiple properties in one go and narrow down on a property of your choice anytime, from anywhere.

Following are a few use cases we can consider

  • Leading property developers will be able to showcase their properties in multiple locations. The clients will be able to choose a specific property, look at amenities, specific floor level, specific property, apartments, gated communities etc
  • We can create a common online platform where multiple properties are showcased and enable clients to experience the properties virtually.

Hotspots for Navigation

Key features of this initiative:

  • Property listing
  • PhotoSphere View of any property
  • Virtual Reality Walkthroughs
  • Indoor map can be made available for user to navigate to specific room/place
  • Voice assistance for navigation and property description
  • SketchUp compatible models upload. (The properties that are not developed yet are designed as models using this tool. Building architects can use this sophisticated tool to design 3D models of properties)
  • eCommerce Catalogs can be integrated and made available for any items such as furniture, lighting, etc so that the system can replace the item with another item selected by the user. These items work like 3D models which will easily blend in with the app.

The technology stack that makes this possible is

  • Unity3D
  • Google VR SDK
  • Blender (for designing 3D models)

Hotspots for NavigationNavigating the staircase from the terrace

As a buyer or seller using this platform, we stand to gain time, cut costs on travelling to different locales, and make buying and selling of real estate effortless. At the end of the day, VR in real estate is sure to rule the roost and change the dynamics of real estate transactions.

If you would like take a look at this solution we are building or have queries about this solution, get in touch with us.


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