Virtual Reality (VR) - Finding Real World Applications
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Virtual Reality (VR) has come a long way and is set to get even bigger. Up until now, the gaming industry had made great inroads in virtual reality. Umpteen number of gadgets can be integrated with VR to enhance our virtual experience. For instance, we have the VR gloves that trace the gamers’ hand motions allowing them to interact with virtual objects, perform actions like throwing, grabbing, stacking and drawing in virtual environments.

VR is no longer restricted to just entertainment and gaming. It is slowly being adopted in the real world and disrupting how we lead lives. VR can be leveraged in creating experiences, in training and education and also finds an array of enterprise applications.

Exploring new frontiers

The “Try before we Buy” concept was initially restricted to the fashion industry. It has now made its way to promote products and the experiences tied with it in entirely different ways. Now, we can experience a kitchen – how the cabinets and appliances would be laid out and also understand how a short or tall person would feel inside it. If it is a bathroom, we can experience the type of flooring, paint job, plumbing, etc. before actually experiencing them in real.

In the automotive arena, we can experience a vehicle with all the customization and accessories we would like to include – all this in real time. It is sure to disrupt the traditional approaches of sales and marketing.

The potential for VR in education and training is immense. We can have VR simulated environments to train recruits on complicated tasks like operating machines, heavy equipments, piloting vehicles to performing maintenance and installation tasks, like setting up an air conditioning or heating unit.

Virtual Reality (VR) - Finding Real World Applications

VR can also find a dominant place in tourism. Typically, while planning for our next vacation, we rack our brains to choose a destination. What if we can just get our VR headset and go on ‘Virtual Tours’ to the destination of our choice.

Be it the rainforests of Africa, the sand dunes of the Sahara, the great wall of China or the beaches of Australia, we are sure to be awe struck by the stunning visuals and the near real-world like experiences we can derive out of VR. We can then narrow down and visit the destination of our choice or just be happy with a virtual experience! The virtual experiences also enable us to familiarize ourselves with the resorts and hotels in the destination. It’s like conducting a recce so that we don’t waste time enquiring about things. We can get cracking the moment we land at our destination.

Sneak peek into the the future

Let’s quickly skim through a few other sectors which VR has the potential to disrupt. These include:

  • Overcoming and treating phobias like public speaking, fear of heights etc
  • Train surgeons in performing complex surgeries
  • Enhance a roller coaster experience
  • Immerse players in an actual gaming environment
  • Simulate military operations and training

The affinity for VR is increasing with every passing day as manufacturers bring down the cost of VR headsets and accessories. Thus, making it very accessible. The business relevance and the revenue generated is simply going to soar.

Zinios has been part of innovative VR implementations. Our VR expert team can provide consulting, training and help implement your next VR based solution. Get in touch with us to know more.

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